Indiana Bred Option: With the recent changes to the Indiana program and breeders wishing to take advantage of all the benefits available, we have received much interest in boarding broodmares at the farm. The future value of foals meeting the residency requirements makes keeping mares in Indiana a wise decision. Shipped semen allows our clients to breed to the stallion of their choice.
Thank you to all clients who entrusted their mares to us!


Foal Alert System in use: In addition to our online cameras, we have added the popular Foal Alert System to our foaling protocol.  This technology is helpful when foaling, to make sure an attendant is with the mare in a timely fashion.   A transmitter is attached directly to the mare.  When she starts to go into labor, a signal is sent to the autodialer to notify us of the situation.  Our system can call up to 4 people for assistance.
This is another way we are striving to provide the best possible mare care for our clients!


Thank you to everyone foaling mares with us this year!

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