Credit Winner – Light The Flame

Filly born 2/12/2016 (Credit Winner – Light The Flame)
Light The Flame is the Andover Hall sister to Explosive Matter we acquired at the Harrisburg Sale in November.

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This is the tough part about raising these little guys. I spent the entire night (Friday night) in the stall with this little filly. She was too weak to stand and nurse on her own. And they like to eat like every 15-20 minutes or so. Stacey and Nikki took the “Day shift” and we kept her going. Dr. Wolfe just now left (1:00 a.m.) after administering plasma to the little girl. We are still supplementing her with some bottles tonight, but I think she will be nursing on her own soon. So you see it is not always as enjoyable as it looks. A lot of work…but we love them so it’s worth it!

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