Anklets Aweigh

Anklets Aweigh – 2005
(Muscles Yankee – Anklet Hanover, by American Winner)
2,1:57.1 ($94,626)

Owner: Ruddick Stables – Indiana

YearNameSireState of
SexDate of
Actual Gestation
Length (Days)
2015May Have BeenGlidemasterONTFilly05/18/2015339
2014Twin B ArgoChapter SevenNYColt04/29/2014337
2013Twin B AmmunitionExplosive MatterPAColt04/06/2013332
2012Black AutumnExplosive MatterPAColt04/18/2012326
2011Twin B AnchorAngus HallONTColt05/03/2011328
2010Twin B AlibiAngus HallONTFilly05/19/2010324

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