Forever A Pleasure

Forever A Pleasure – 1994
(Abercrombie – Jef’s Inspiration, by BG’s Bunny)
p,3,2:00.2; 4,1:58.4 ($26,650)

Owner: Ellis Bryant, Inc. – Louisville, Kentucky

YearNameSireState of
SexDate of
Actual Gestation
Length (Days)
2015My PleasurePanspacificflight INFilly05/03/2015346
2014Be A PleasurePanspacificflight INFilly05/13/2014346
2013Total PleasureTotal TruthINFilly05/22/2013334
2012So Much PleasureDali INFilly06/09/2012338
2010Looking For PleasureSand ShooterINFilly05/08/2010357
2008You LookedCam's EclipseKYColt05/27/2008341
2007House Of Pleasure Jenna's Beach BoyKYFilly04/30/2007359
2006Night Of PleasureHealth And WealthINFilly03/31/2006333
2005Maid Of PleasureHealth And WealthINFilly04/24/2005357
2003Made For PleasureHealth And WealthINFilly05/28/2003350
2002Beautiful Pleasure Electric YankeeINFilly05/11/2002345
2001Too Much Pleasure Under SiegeINFilly03/17/2001355
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