Vintage Yankee

Vintage Yankee – 2005
(Conway Hall – Armbro Vote, by Balanced Image)
Unraced 1/2 sister to Glide Power 2,1:57; 3,1:53.4 ($403,987)

Owner: Ruddick Stables – Indiana

YearNameSireState of
SexDate of
Actual Gestation
Length (Days)
2015UnnamedGuccio INColt04/12/2015337
2014Canned VinachMr CantabINFilly03/21/2014341
2012Crazed'n ConfusedCrazed NYFilly02/20/2012339
2010Quipster Crazed NYColt05/28/2010331
2009At The TopTom RidgePAColt03/15/2009340
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