Employment Opportunities

If you like horses, this is an excellent place to work with them and, more importantly, learn!

FGroomingSaleeel free to download, complete and return this APPLICATION.



You may also elect to volunteer or intern at our facility when your schedule permits to gain valuable equine experience. This often leads to a paid position down the road.


Barn Crew (Stall Cleaners / Grooms / etc.) – Full or Part Time

Quality members of our barn crew are key to the success of our operation.  The main

StallCleaning2responsibility of this position is ensuring all horses have clean, fresh water and daily stall cleaning.  All stalls have rubber mats, making GroomingBathingthis task a lot easier.  Members of the barn crew may also be responsible for bathing the horses after exercise and/or routine grooming.  Some members of our team may also be asked to prepare feed for the horses, based on the needs of their individual diet.  During foaling/breeding season, members of the barn crew may be asked to provide additional supportive services.

We are only as good as the team around us!

This can be a full or part time position.


Sales Prep Associates (Intensive Grooming) – Seasonal

Each year, we prep a number of horses for public auction(s).  In addition to a structured exerciseGroomingBath2 program, horses in our consignments receive intense grooming for 30-45 minutes/horse every day for about 8 weeks prior to the sale.  The barn crew is a big part of this pGroomingBathrocess, but we often need additional staff to help with this process.  Prior grooming
experience may be helpful, but is not required.  We guarantee you this is more involved than any prior grooming you may
have performed and can certainly train you in proper sales prep grooming at our high standards.  Some of our sales prep associates are also asked to travel with us to  the sales.  There, the horses will be shown to potential buyers and sold via auction.

Typically, this part time job runs from mid-July through mid-October.


Hay / Straw Baling or Stacking Laborer (Baled on site or purchased) – Seasonal


We go through a lot of hay!  In addition, we maintain an inventory of straw to use during foaling season.  EaHayCuttingch year, we nHayStackingeed help baling hay grown on the farm and/or unloading hay purchased from outside parties.  We have to work wit
h those vendors, as well as mother nature, to acquire and store the hay and/or straw.

This position is as needed, often on short notice.




Facility Maintenance Laborer – Seasonal

With aMowerRidingcres of grass aMowerPushnd miles of fence line, keeping everything well maintained is quite a chore.  During the spring and summer, and often into the fall, we need people willing to work hard at this.  In addition, some fence repair and other general farm maintenance may be needed.  Prior experience in this position is a must, as it requires operating various machinery and using tools.

This is a part time position, with a flexible schedule.


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