Foals of 2015


2015 Foals at Ruddick Stables

Foal Arrivals at Ruddick Stables
Foaled OnNameSex/GaitSireDamOwner
01/28/2015JustALittleSnickerFillyPanspacificflight (IN)AmilewidesmileEllis Bryant, Inc.
02/06/2015UnnamedFillyRockin Image (IN)Tammy C TressaShetler Stable
02/23/2015SevenswansaswimminFillySwan For All (IN)La Brea HanoverRuddick Stables
02/28/2015Just And It OverColtAndover Hall (PA)Just A Valley GalRuddick Stables
03/01/2015Rockin EJColtRockin Image (IN)EJ's CopperstoneLarry Stone
03/02/2015FluentocityFillyWell Said (PA)Real VelocityTKO Racing
Stable LLC
03/02/2015UnnamedFillyJailhouse Jesse (IN)Little River DanceBen Graber & Trent
Stohler, Inc.
03/08/2015Italian Cream CakeFillyThe Panderosa (OH)Brain ChildEllis Bryant, Inc.
03/12/2015CollagioFillyDonato Hanover (PA)AdagioDM Stables LLC
03/18/2015UnnamedFillyRockin Image (IN)TressaShetler Stable
03/22/2015Sally RoseFillyMr Cantab (IN)Ruby PrincessDenise Dennis
03/26/2015She Can Dew ItFillyMr Cantab (IN)Georgie HallRuddick Stables
03/27/2015Z Big ConwayFillyConway Hall (NY)Big Z CreditRuddick Stables
04/02/2015Atta Boy ClydeColtMr Cantab (IN)Atta Girl RangerDenise Dennis
04/08/2015Mr SpartacusColtMr Cantab (IN)Lasting StarBrower Stable
04/11/2015UnnamedFillyJailhouse Jesse (IN)Bad BuckarooNat & Patty Hill
04/12/2015Vin TagColtGuccio (IN)Vintage YankeeRuddick Stables
04/13/2015Admiral DeweyColtElegant Man (IN)Dewey DallyBenaire Farm
04/24/2015Rock A Hula BabyFillyA Rocknroll Dance (PA)I Had A BallPacey Mindlin &
Kenneth Cohen
04/25/2015UnnamedColtReal Desire (IN)CamianaTrent Stohler
Stable, Inc.
04/29/2015UnnamedFillyGuccio (IN)Jolly JessicaBrower Stable
05/03/2015My PleasureFillyPanspacificflight (IN)Forever A PleasureEllis Bryant, Inc.
05/10/2015Give My Regards ToFillyEncore Encore (IN)TinternBenaire Farm
05/16/2015Amelia In FlightFillyPanspacificflight (IN)Miss Grady WhiteTKO Racing Stable LLC
05/18/2015May Have Been

FillyGlidemaster (ONT)Anklets AweighRuddick Stables
05/24/2015My Girl GrayceFillyFred and Ginger (IN)Miss KimbestDenise Dennis
05/24/2015Rail DesireFillyReal Desire (IN)Mid-Western CharmRuddick Stables
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